About A.T.L.

A.T.L. is a family run Northamptonshire based business dating back to 1985. The original activity of the business was the trading in tyre casings, the Company imported and exported throughout the world. Alongside this, the business operated a tyre repair plant carrying out major vulcanized repairs to truck, tractor & earthmover tyres. This function is still very much a part of the business.

Today the Company is run by the second generation of the family and the main focus has become the sourcing and supply of new and retreaded tyres, with an emphasis on truck tyres. Our business model is a commitment to providing the very best in product variety at the keenest prices to be found.


We offer a full range of New Tyres to fit Trucks and Buses in Premium, Mid-Range and Budget Brands. We promote the Bandag range of Pre-cure Retreads for all truck applications.

Both New and Used Tyres are available to fit Farm Tractors / Trailers, Site Machines & Earthmoving

We hold stocks of New & Used Steel Rims for Trucks & Trailers. Polished Alloy Rims for Trucks & Buses. Obsolete & Hard to Locate Tyres sourced.

We are located at:
Ringstead Grange Farm
Station Road
NN14 4DT

Landline Nr. 01933 623955
Email for general enquiries: info@trucktyresdirect.co.uk
Email for accounts: Claire@trucktyresdirect.co.uk